Understanding the start of World War 1

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The day’s programme as follows :

10:30 Coffee and muffins on arrival

11:00 Film (40 mins) “On the Idle Hill of Summer” voiced by Michael Redgrave.  The Great War Season 1  Episode 1 In the early 1960s the BBC embarked on one of their most important and ambitious series ever. It was to be the definitive history of the First World War, complete in twenty-six 40-minute episodes. An inspired account of the world-shattering events of 1914-1918, The Great War is narrated by Sir Michael Redgrave and employs the voice skills of many other leading actors of the day including Sir Ralph Richardson and Marius Goring. The series includes authentic archive footage and stunning photographic images gathered from 37 separate sources around the world. It also features interviews with many veterans of the war (by this time most were still only in their 60s), as well as almost 150 separate extracts from diaries, letters and reports from the war

11:45 A look at the geo-political map of 1914

12:00  “ What did they say ? What were they thinking ?” – A medley of quotations which illuminate the reasons for the war from different perspectives.  Volunteers needed to read out pithy quotations from the various protagonists.  South Africans: Durban mother, Soldier from Durban, Louis Botha, Jan Smuts, Maritz. Germans: Ghost of Bismarck, the Kaiser, Admiral Tirpitz, General Schlieffen, General von Moltke, a Namibian German settler, von Letow. Austro-Hungarians: Emperor Josef, Archduke Frans Josef, Conrad von Hotzendorf, Count Tisza. Italian Foreign Minister. Balkans: Serb patriot and assassin; Bulgarian; Greek, Bosnian. Russians: the Tsar, Military commander, Russian pan-Slavist, peasant, Corn trader, Lenin. Turkish: the Sultan. French: Poincare, Joffe, Financier, patriot, Mme Caillard. Belgian refugee. British: King George V, George Grey, Winston Churchill, Irish Nationalist, a Suffragette, Lord Curzon, Gandhi. 

13:00 – Lunch

13:45 – Film: “1st World War: to Arms” This series is based upon the books and encyclopedic knowledge of Professor Hugh Strachan. It examines every aspect of the war, from its causes to the conduct of the war on and behind the front lines to its aftermath. In doing so, it covers the diplomatic, political, military and social aspects, each of which played a role in shaping what happened and why. It does not just present the summary facts but goes in depth in its explanations. 

14:30 Discussion and planning for forthcoming WW1 centenary lectures and events with tea/coffee

15:00 Finish




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