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PAST EVENT (22 May 2013) This session takes the form of health professionals providing an overview of their treatments involving Zelda - a Body Talk practitioner; Charlton Butt - a chiropractor and Dietician - Julie Thomas Dr Butt is a Chiropractor running his practice from the DHS Sports Medicine Centre. He runs a family-based practice and treat all ages, genders and customs. The focus of his practice is however that of being a sports-based injury assessment and treatment centre. "Chiropractors are what we call Non-Invasive Neuromuscularskeltal Specialists," says Dr Butt. "This means that we work on the nerves and muscles and joints from a non-surgery perspective. The focus of my profession and discipline is spinal health and wellbeing. Naturally we assess and treat back ache, neck ache, head aches and migraines as our core business, but the dynamic relationship of our spine with our body is the focus of our speciality. However, being a sports based practice I treat a whole range of conditions from those listed above to sports injuries, arthritis, and age and stress related injuries." Julie Thomas is a Registered Dietitian working both in a clinical hospital setting and in private practice. She has a particular interest in helping individuals achieve their nutrition goals by optimising their diet and providing on-going motivation and support. She is registered with Discovery to perform the Vitality Nutrition Assessment and regularly runs Wellness Days with a Biokineticist and Nurse for a convenient opportunity to earn vitality points. She thoroughly enjoys lecturing and giving health talks. Her talk will be entitled "Food Labels: An introduction on deciphering them & use them wisely",


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