How to avoid derailing your diet when dining out

PAST EVENT (19 Aug 2013) This exciting seminar is aimed to create awareness that maintaining a healthy eating plan does not mean that you can never eat out, or when you do you are limited to “boring” foods or salads. Learn practical ways to not derail your diet when dining out to enjoy these meals guilt free. Many individuals these days are trying to maintain a healthy eating plan or even dieting for a specific reason. My goal as a Registered Dietitian is to education individuals that healthy eating needn’t be difficult and that there are many simple lifestyle changes that can bring about dramatic changes to your body shape and functionality. South Africans enjoy socialising and meeting over a cup of coffee, a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner with friends or family – these situations often leave dieters feeling that they must eat boring grilled foods or salads only and this course aims to show you that this is not the case always and to teach you ways around this so that you can still enjoy meals out however with practical tips on how to enjoy your food out without derailing your diet and the associated feelings of guilt.


Event Date 19/08/13 12:00 am
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